Asteroids LP

Posted on May 5, 2013

Asteroids Record

James Eldred at Mostly Retro has written up a review of what is, in our eyes, the crowning glory of vintage Atari Asteroids spin-off merch: Asteroids, the record album. (The copy is pictured above).

It’s a full-length vinyl LP, produced by John Braden at Kid Stuff Records in 1982, during the height of the first home video game console boom. The label also put out LPs for Missile Command and Yars’ Revenge, along with non-Atari hits like Pac-Man.

Read Eldred’s review here:

In addition to a time travel story, the album’s contents include:

1. Atari Theme (John Braden)
2. Asteroids (John Braden/J. Waxman)

1. Time Walk (John Braden/J. Waxman)
2. Atari Theme (Reprise) (John Braden)

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