Recon: Super Bear Arcade [CLOSED]

Posted on February 2, 2009

40755 Village Drive
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315 (map)
Phone: 909-866-8620

Super Bear Arcade is a small arcade on the main street of this Southern California mountain resort town. It’s packed with classic games including Frogger, Super Mario Brothers, several forms of Donkey Kong, Tron, and Discs of Tron (sit-down). It also has skeeball with cheap plastic prizes.

Their Asteroids (1979) is set to fast mode, and starts with 4 ships — good for getting a high score quickly, if you’re full of sugar from the ice cream places in town. One drawback is that the screen has a lot of glare from the overhead lights.

[UPDATE] — Super Bear Arcade is CLOSED!  See the comment below.

Super Bear Arcade

Asteroids at the Super Bear Arcade.

Super Bear Arcade Super Bear Arcade Super Bear Arcade Big Bear Lake, CA

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  1. Robotron Master:

    I am a Big Bear native. And this priceless jewel has been closed for a couple years now. But, all the games still remain inside! What gives? I can find no answer for the shuttering of this historic gaming center.

    25.05.2012 13:50

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