Bruce Glick 48-Hour Marathon Recap

Posted on March 3, 2013

Last month, Bruce Glick staged a public Atari Asteroids marathon at Mama’s on 39 in Huntington Beach, CA, also streaming live on Twitch. His original goal was to play for 48 hours on one quarter, as he trains for an eventual world record attempt (it would take longer than that for the record). But somewhere in the wee hours of Sunday morning, after playing for 34.5 hours straight, Bruce lost his last ship.

His score was 18,656,380, which is 12th on the all-time high score list (pending Twin Galaxies approval).

While that score is nothing to sneer at, Glick attributes his early demise to “1.Lack of sleep before I started (I worked on the 9th) 2. Right button stated to stick. 3. Hands cramped/mental block.” Still, he doesn’t consider it a complete failure: his whole team learned a lot from the weekend, and he increased his PTTR (point to time ratio) by 12%.

In addition, Glick received words of encouragement from a number of classic gaming greats via Skype and phone, including Australian Donkey Kong champion Allen Staal, Spy Hunter world champion Paul Dean, and the current Asteroids champion, John McAllister.

Glick is already planning his next 48-hour attempt for later this spring.

Watch video of Glick’s game here:

And our interview with Glick as he prepared for the session:

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